Wednesday, February 3, 2016

the NEW workday {a series on entrepreneurship}

Have you been feeling like you wish you had more control over your workday? Do you imagine a job that allows you to be healthy and productive and creative AND do your BEST WORK?

That feeling is exactly what drew me to entrepreneurship. I just knew that there was a better way to feel at the end of my workday. I had a vision for creating my company and work to fit my life and health.

After spending years advising and teaching others on systems and procedures, I decided to Do Things Differently  at Kimberley's Kitchen. Not only did I apply this vision and mantra to my product and service, I applied it to HOW I work. Here is what I did to revolutionize my workday-


I started with making a basic list of priorities- all the things that mattered to me about HOW I work. It went something like:

  • eat and rest when I need to
  • work in a beautiful and inspiring space
  • spend little time sitting
  • flow from one task and project to another, etc
Notice how none of this is about products, management, strategies, etc. It is all about How I Want to Feel at Work. How do you want to feel at work? Do you feel that way now? Is there ONE SMALL CHANGE that you could make today to get you closer to your priorities?

One Small Change

Rather than taking on the arduous task of overhauling my office, kitchen, company, staffing, and more, I decided to implement the One Small Change Strategy. Very simply, I made small changes daily, weekly, monthly to move me towards my IDEAL WORKDAY. It is still a work in progress but I would say that most of the desired changes happened in about 6 months. I was okay with it being a process, and in fact the time allowed me to keep my business running while managing projects such as a major kitchen build for my commercial kitchen. 

Make My Plan Public

Committing to plans and ideas has always been a struggle for me. I may look like I jump in with both feet but let me tell you, I overthink and deliberate on decisions far too much. However, once I commit to something I try to make it public- sometimes I share with my family and friends or even with my customers. And then it is much easier for me to stick to my plan and follow-through because I have some accountability.

Simplify the rest of my Life

Another tactic that I used to keep my focus on my IDEAL WORKDAY was to simplify some other aspects of my life. I suspended our home renovations until a later time and I kept our schedules simple by ensuring my kids were not over-scheduled and that we were not stretching ourselves too thin. I kept my community and volunteer work to a minimum too. And I didn't feel guilty about this. In fact, this simplified life is now our new normal and it works for us beautifully. 

Revisit My Vision

I devote time periodically to revisit my vision of my IDEAL WORKDAY and check in to see if my time and resources are helping me achieve this. Why so much effort? Because I strongly believe that when we create a workday that fills us up and fits our lives, that we are able to contribute substantially more, and be more profitable in doing so. But there's another reason.

When we create our ideal workday, we become a company that can do that for others. This will help you attract the talent and customers that align with your vision. I know this because this is exactly what I experienced. Building a workday that fits my life has been one of the most important aspects of running a business and a foundation for my success so far. I truly believe there is a new way of working. How we work starts with who we are and what matters most to us. As an entrepreneur, you are empowered to craft your ideal WORKDAY this year. 

Again, the steps I took were:
  • list my priorities for how I want to feel at work
  • use the One Small Change Strategy to make simply, effective changes today
  • make my plan public
  • simplify other areas of my life
  • revisit my vision and adjust plans
Once you start to create your ideal workday examine the difference it makes for you. Entrepreneurs are all about doing things differently. This is your opportunity to LOVE YOUR WORK every single day.

My next post in this series is all about doing your BEST WORK. I can't wait to share it with you. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for a behind-the-scenes look at my business and life. That's where all the fun is!


As a BONUS, I am sharing my WEEKLY MEAL PLANNER with all of you to help you simplify your life. Enjoy!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Your PATH is Waiting {a series on entrepreneurship}

Do you feel the pull toward something great? Are you craving change and feel yourself bursting with dreams of something new? Do you have ideas swirling in your mind that you are ready to catch and release?

If so, then I know exactly how you feel. 

It was the pull to something new, the anxious energy bubbling inside of me that prompted me to venture on my own. And when I did I discovered something about myself that I never knew. I discovered this at the age of 37.

I am an entrepreneur.

Perhaps you already know that you are. Maybe you have already taken the bold step and pursued your dream and vision. And you are ready to grow. Ready for more.

Over the past 6 years I have received so many wonderful messages and emails from people just like you asking me for business advice. Sometimes very practical information about running a food business in Canada, or maybe even direction on a human resource query. Most of the time, these conversations start as a small question and grow into a bigger conversation about entrepreneurship. And in particular, doing this as a woman.

You PATH is Waiting

The truth is, you are already on your path. You just might not know it. But trust me when I say, where you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be RIGHT NOW. But that doesn't mean you are meant to stay right there. How you travel along your path is up to you. How you handle the trauma and sadness, the joy and beauty of life, it is all up to you.

Your path is right in front of you. But you might be wondering what is the next step? How should you proceed along your path? What kind of adventure do you want to embark on?

As an entrepreneur I know how hard it is to take those first steps down your path. Here is what I have learned about taking the NEXT STEP.

Just go. Just go in the direction of one thing. 

I feared that if I chose ONE THING I would not be able to do all of the other things. But this isn't true. When we have the courage to choose one thing, it actually makes ALL OF THE THINGS possible on your path.

The old image of a series of doors and we have to choose ONE and then we can't go through the others- this isn't true. This isn't what really happens. When we go through one door, there are more doors for you.

So now I challenge you to TAKE ONE STEP. It doesn't matter that much which one you take. Maybe it is buying the domain for your dream website, or brainstorming over ideas for your vision, or setting up a meeting with a new customer that you think maybe you are not quite ready for but you will do it anyways. Whatever step you take will move you forward down your path. And that is the point. You are already on your path. Make the most of it.


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Body Care Detox

Are you doing a cleanse, detox, or diet after the holidays? Do you feel that you indulged just a little bit and now it is time to get in shape and be healthy? 

I am. But not when it comes to food. I am detoxing in another way. My body care routine.

First of all, the Why. 

Many of the body care products I have used since my first pregnancy have been healthy and non-toxic. Having two girls, I also ensure absolutely EVERYTHING they use is completely free of toxins and safe. But for myself, there were still some products that I was using that I really wanted to change. I wanted to do it to prevent any further risk or damage and to detox my body from all the nasty stuff in the conventional products.

The What. 

I was already bathing with soap that is free of fragrances and of course SLS and parabens, etc. I wanted to switch my hair routine, so I gradually switched over to a natural option for washing my hair. Next up, toothpaste and deodorant. And finally, my facial routine- wash, tone, moisturize. 

I did some research into natural alternatives for body care. I made all of my own salts and sugar scrubs with organic essential oils and homegrown herbs and flowers. I started incorporating different oils such as coconut and almond. And I thoroughly researched the benefits of natural toothpaste.

The How.

I started with the small changes that were easy to adopt (soap, shampoo) and I also made all that I could myself. I took this project on gradually so that I would not be spending loads of money on supplies and products without testing out the different options. Along the way I discovered what NOT to use on my skin-type and that has saved me a lot of trouble when researching recipes. 

I decided that I also wanted to buy some products, things that I could probably make but the time and testing was not an investment I wanted to make right now. I wanted to purchase from local producers (BC) whom I trusted and I enjoy supporting. 

When we switched toothpaste (for the whole family) we tested a few brands. Our requirements were no flouride, SLS, artificial flavors, and sugar. We settled on a brand that we can actually purchase from our local natural foods store and the kids have adjusted well.

Another big one for me was switching deodorant. I don't know why but I was really convinced that a "natural" one wouldn't work on me. I am not normally so gullible when it comes to marketing, but the more I read about the benefits and effectiveness of natural deodorant, the more convinced I was that I should try. I have been following Element Botanicals on social media. They are in BC and make lovely products. I took the plunge and ordered some products for me and my husband. The deodorant test started January 1. I love the smell of my new deodorant and it works so well. 

The face routine really needed a boost as I have aged, moved to a different climate, and need something easy for mornings and nights. I started making my own face wash and toner. This was tricky as so many recipes for the face are rose-based, which is something I cannot use. So I continued to test and experiment. I also started making my own serums and lotions for my face. It is so easy and the ingredients are a fraction of the price. I would still purchase these from a trusted natural body care company but now I know what works on my skin and what doesn't. 

Next Up.

Given my pale and freckly complexion, I am an avid user of sunblock. I am just starting to search for a better source and I have even found some recipes that I think I will try. I will know very quickly if they work! 

Steps to Detox Your Body Care Routine.

It can seem overwhelming to detox from all of the products we use daily and weekly on our skin and hair (and teeth!). Here is how I made the process happen over time so that I could genuinely change my routine, save money, and eventually be healthier.

1. Make a list of all of your body care products that you use daily and weekly.
2. Read the ingredients on all of these products.
3. Make a second list of all of the items you would like to change.
4. Separate out these items to skin, hair, teeth, face.
5. Choose one category and search for an alternative for one item in that category. 
6. Once a month or so, choose another item from a different category and switch, repeating until you have found alternatives for all of the products you wanted to change.

Revisit your list and see if there is anything new you would like to change or learn how to make. 

Something new- soon I will be sharing some tips on small business. I have received so many questions from other entrepreneurs that I though I would start sharing what I have learned along the way.

Happy January!